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New Stuff

2008-05-09 21:40:39 by DJ-Radman

Sup everyone, I'll be sending in some more stuff fairly soon. Homework has been keeping me busy :/
Good Luck eveyone

New Song

2008-01-30 01:33:07 by DJ-Radman

Hi all,

i got a new song out, The Vortex.

Check it out whenever you can, you wont be disappointed :)

Hope you guyz enjoyed ur holidayz :)

[RADMAN] - The Vortex (NG mix)

Sup peepz!

2007-12-09 06:52:36 by DJ-Radman

Eyyz, iv been making techno non stop for the past 1 n a half years n im gona b uploading a whole loada crap, also a picture ( when, and IF, my friend lends me his camera :/ )

MSN = addme :)